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We take an extremely detailed approach to recruitment, only matching your business with high-quality applicants. Our process with any employer is a consultative journey. Every search for a new employee is different and comes with its own challenges and timescales, and we will be adaptable to suit your needs.

The relationship between us and the employers we work with is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure the right outcome is achieved, we offer a guarantee with every appointment. On the rare occasion that someone we appoint isn't suitable, we will recruit a replacement person for you, free of charge

Furthermore, we always make a commitment to you and the employers we support, that we will not re-approach employees we have introduced, or contact any of your staff, regarding new positions. Whilst this may seem an obvious commitment, we understand that it is a common frustration.

We are flexible when working with you, and there are two ways in which we can work: through retained recruitment and contingency recruitment. You can read a bit more about them below.

Retained Plan

The first way we can help is through an intricately planned approach. This allows us to understand a business and its needs on a deeper level, and therefore provide the highest quality of service.

When working on a retained basis, each role is circulated on branded adverts across job boards and social media platforms. We take great pride in these ads, even having professional videographers and copywriters work on them to better shine a light on the role advertised. These ads attract exceptional candidates who may not even be actively searching for a role, but whose interest may be piqued when they learn of your job opportunity.

As well as job advertising, we use search and selection techniques to identify talent and approach those with suitable backgrounds and skillsets. We know just what to look for in a person and how best to contact suitable professionals in a way that is both sensitive and encouraging.

When applications are in, we carry out thorough face-to-face, competency-based interviews alongside i3 personality profiling to determine the individual’s suitability for the role. This ensures that we are delivering the most accurate results for you.

Once a successful candidate is selected and appointed, we carry out an onboarding and integration session at the workplace. This happens on your new employee’s first day in their job and is followed up on a regular basis. On a retained plan, your employee guarantee covers you for 26 weeks from appointment.

Contingency Plan

The second way we can help is through recruitment on a contingency basis, where there is no fee unless a placement is made. This can be a reactive approach to recruitment, and it is not always our first choice, however it is sometimes the best route forward if a candidate is needed quickly.

We maintain our high quality of advertising no matter which kind of route you choose. However, we typically stay away from multi-agency recruitment. It is important to us to have a genuine relationship with employers whereby we work alongside them to identify the right candidate. The better we know you, the more likely we are to understand what it is you need in a team member, no matter the turnaround.

When you have a contingency plan with us, we offer a guarantee for 13 weeks from appointment.

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